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Product Name Product Description Price*
BC 1 Anaemia  Rs.75
BC 2 Asthma  Rs.75
BC 3 Colic  Rs.75
BC 4 Constipation  Rs.75
BC 5 Coryza  Rs.75
BC 6 Cough and Cold  Rs.75
BC 7 Diabetes  Rs.75
BC 8 Diarrhoea  Rs.75
BC 9 Dysentry  Rs.75
BC 10 Enlarged Tonsils Rs.75
BC 12 Headache  Rs.75
BC 13 Leucorrhoea  Rs.75
BC 14 Measles  Rs.75
BC 15 Menstruation Troubles  Rs.75
BC 16 Nervous Exhaustion  Rs.75
BC 17 Piles  Rs.75
BC 18 Pyorrhoea  Rs.75
BC 19 Rheumatism  Rs.75
BC 20 Skin Diseases  Rs.75
BC 21 Teething Troubles  Rs.75
BC 22 Scrofula  Rs.75
BC 23 Toothache  Rs.75
BC 24 FivePhos Tonic, nerves & brain  Rs.75
BC 25 Acidity, Flatulence, Indigestion  Rs.75
BC 26 Easy Parturition  Rs.75
BC 27 Lack of Vitality  Rs.75
BC 28 General Tonic  Rs.75
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